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Now I see
The truth in me
A never-ending greed
Blinded by my own deeds
So true what to say
We know but we play
But today I will say
If you turn me away
To who else can I pray
Your signs awake me
From my sleep
Your tests of pain
That go so deep
But without your light
I couldn’t realize
How far I had strayed
My blackened heart
With a thousand marks
So blind to your ways
If you turn me away
To who else can I pray
Ya Mawlana
Ya KArim
Ya GHafiradh-dhambi
Ya Rahim
Oh my Lord,
Oh Generous one!
Oh forgiver of sin,
Oh Most Merciful One!
Roads of life have lead me astray
And now I come back
Wal-ana atub
Sins have made me blind
And now I turn to you in regret
Ji’tuka ta’iba
La taruddani Kha’iba
I have come to you seeking forgiveness
Don’t send me away saddened

Confession Nazeel Azami Dinle

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